Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Phew, re-elected...

The NUJ will have two of us - myself and Anita Halpin - speaking up for the issues that matter to the NUJ and our fellow media unions after we were both re-elected to the TUC General Council - the leading body of the UK trade union movement.

Anita was elected unopposed in the Women's Section whilst I came 8th in the poll amongst the unions with less than 100,000 members securing 382,000 votes to secure one of the 11 seats reserved for the smaller unions.

It is the fifth year I have been elected and I also serve on the TUC Executive and chair the Trades Councils committee of the TUC as well as sitting on the Organisation and Representation at Work Task Group. They all sound boring (and believe me some of the meetings can be!) but they give the NUJ unique access to lobby Government Ministers and to work with other unions to extend and defend the rights of working people.

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Anonymous said...

Well done!