Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Please, not another meeting...

It's been one of those days of one meeting running in to another with little time to think between them.

Started this morning with a meeting with Community Newswire, a free news service for community groups helping them to get their press releases to journalists and providing media training to community campaigners so they know what journalists do and don't want. Had a great chat with Jo who runs the scheme. Some positive joint working proposals to consider - and the potential for a few more NUJ members as a result. One more recruited today already.

Then a meeting with the Campaigns and Communications team to plan the coverage of 5 November on the website, the distribution of materials, the various events around the Uk - and trying to plan how many events I can be at.

A quick meet up with ACAS to catch up on where we are on BBC and The Guardian before dashing to a meeting with the union's pensions actuary. We need to come up with our pensions receovery plan in advance of a Trustees meeting next week. There are some tough and in many cases unpalatable choices to be made. We will launch a 60-day consultation on our proposals on 7 November.

From there straight to a meeting with Tim Gospill, editor of the union's journal and Julian Petley from the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom. The three of us will represent the NUJ and give evidence at a House of Lords Committee on Media Ownership tomorrow and we need to get our answers/background info sorted out.

Then just time for a quick meet up with Stephen Pearse our new Campaigns and Communications Officer who will start on 12 November to talk about his new role and introduce him to other staff members.

Got a couple more articles/briefings to write tonight - will head home now and write them after dinner.

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