Friday, November 30, 2007

Feeling a bit vulnerable

Isn't there meant to be a lull after a storm? Not here..

With The Guardian deal agreed today was dominated by trying to get the NUJ's submission to the TUC Commission on Vulnerable Employment done by the deadline at 5pm this evening! It's done and it makes some powerful points about the way employers exploit work experience in breach of the National Minimum Wage and how employment status is used to create a second class of workers - doing a job but without the rights enjoyed by employees - and vulnerable to being laid off at a moment's notice.

Michelle Stanistreet and I had a meeting to discuss progress with the co-ordinators of the Pathways to Journalism course the NUJ set up in conjunction with the Writers in Prison Network for those working on prison newspapers and magazines. It has been a success but a real struggle given the funding problems and the obvious restrictions on prisoners. However more than 100 writers, illustrators and designers have now taken part in the scheme - with some showing real potential. We are about to see the first person attempt the diploma level in the coming weeks.

I've got the parents coming tonight so I'm sneaking off now to give the house that one last tidy!

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