Monday, November 12, 2007

Here, there and everywhere

In early to write the 'My Week' feature for Press Gazette - look out for it later this week at all good newsagents!

Welcomed Stephen Pearse our new Campaigns and Communications Officer to the NUJ before heading off to the Foreign Office to take part in a round-table on Colombia. Took the opportunity to highlight the cases of journalists and trade unionists detained without charge, forced in to exile or facing death threats and reiterated the call for the UK government to shift its emphasis from military aid to humanitarian assistance including projects to promote trade union and media freedoms.

Also issued another statement on the worsening situation for media in Pakistan which was picked up by The Guardian.

Spent the evening with members of the Commission on Multimedia Working editing our report which has become controversial before it's even published. Those who think they know what it says will be surprised and those who want to portray the NUJ as standing in the way of technology will be disappointed.

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