Friday, November 02, 2007

In the words of Europe - It's the Final Countdown

The final envelopes have been stuffed, the final planning emails sent and the final plans put in place for our Stand Up for Journalism day on 5 November. I'm starting my day in Cardiff at 7.30am, then lunchtime in Manchester and back to London for a 6.30pm rally. It's been an intense few days of activity with part of my office becoming a glorified mailing room as we sent out more than 50,000 leaflets, thousands of posters, stickers, t-shirts and other campaign material - now we're just looking forward to the actual day.

here's yesterday's coverage of the campaign:
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Yesterday was the union's Finance Committee which deals with all financial (the clue is in the name!) and membership issues.
Our proposals for reform of the union's pension scheme were unanimously endorsed and there was a really good, practical discussion on the future of union communications as well as the need to rein in spending to meet budgets.

On the industrial front things took a turn for the worse at The Guardian with it becoming apparent the company are planning announcements and new shifts for individuals which would undermine our current negotiations. They would be wise to think again if there is to be any prospect of reaching a negotiated settlement of the dispute without us having to resort to industrial action - as our MoC Helene Mulholland pointed out to management when their plans were revealed.

On a brighter note, a much brighter note, over at AoL our members voted 100% in favour of industrial action and 96% for strike action in response to company redundancy proposals. The strength of the union's response has forced the company to back down and extend enhanced redundancy terms and agree to take volunteers. Congratulations to them.

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