Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sweet charity

Yesterday the chair of our union-supported charity baked me a cake. It was a vain attempt to sweeten me up ahead of discussions over funding of the charity - but it was an excellent cake. It was the most civilised of negotiations - a chocolate sponge in Chris' kitchen. And a good deal was done which, subject to wider approval, provides strong guarantees for the future of NUJ Extra and also helps to temporarily reduce the financial obligations on the union.

Spent the rest of the day working from home (i know you think I was skiving - why do people always think that! I wasn't, I was amongst other things checking the environmental report to go to Annual Delegate Meeting, writing an article for a newsletter on union rights, drawing up plans for amendments to the Employment Bill, responding to letters from MPs, members and branches about campaigns, legal advice and a range of other topics.
I also sent a letter to our staff union reps setting out the latest on the the NUJ staff pension scheme and did an interview with a student writing a piece for her college magazine about the union.

Today I've met the accountant, had meetings with the Finance Manager - isn't my life filled with fun things - met committee members from London Freelance Branch, checked over NUJ Active which will go out this evening, met Linda King the training officer and written to the New Statesman about a personal case I am handling for a member. We've also put out NUJ Active - our fortnightly email newsletter and launched our new materials to support the union's Code of Conduct, particularly apt given the recent debate over the coverage of the suicides in Bridgend.

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