Thursday, April 17, 2008

F*%kin' Hell!

It was an object lesson in swearing, the swearing olympics, a festival of verbals. Yes, we've been in negotiations again with Richard Desmond at Express Newspapers.
Crude, entertaining and slightly surreal - especially when Bernie Ecclestone rang in the middle of the talks and spoke to our union rep - we had three hours of talks over the current dispute yesterday. More discussions today may just help us all find a way to avoid further strike action on Friday and next week.

Aside from dealing with Express Newspapers I wrote to John Fry, Chief Executive at Archant protesting about plans to run adverts from the BNP across a number of the group's titles. John Fry responded saying it was an issue about freedom of expression - then promptly pulled the adverts from some of the titles where it might affect the reputation of the titles. The company has now been forced by the pressure of complaints to donate the revenue to charity.

We also released this week the results of our latest survey on work experience which will feature in Press Gazette later today.

Good luck too to Shiv Malik who with NUJ backing will seek leave to appeal the decision to force him to hand over his notes later today.

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