Wednesday, June 24, 2009

3rd is the new first

Winning would be showing off (someone tell Unite) and coming last would be embarrassing (someone tell the TSSA) so a creditable 3rd place was the perfect outcome for the NUJ team at last night's inaugral Justice for Colombia quiz night.

Held at the TUC with Brendan Barber as quiz master the NUJ line-up of Michelle Stanistreet, Roy Mincoff, Sue Harris, Miles Barter, Richard Simcox, Stephen Pearse and me proved we knew a lot about Colombia, a fair amount about food and drink, a slightly poor amount about sport and politics and bugger all about trade unions. Oh well.

Before heading off to the TUC I was at meetings with Unite discussing joint activity at Trinity Mirror and other newspaper companies and discussing issues across the publishing sector. This morning I'm at BBC meetings and in discussions with Bectu. I'm glad to see Mark Thompson has finally come out strongly against top slicing. Yesterday we set about planning the next few months of campaigning around the issue.

The final tweaks have also been made to the NUJ's 2009/10 budget which I present to Finance Committee tomorrow.

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tatton said...

You should know more about trade unions! Us trade unionists are human beings you know. I know you journalists love human interest stories - we are they!

Also - find out who set the questions and next time get a NUJ member to put a few questions in.

Good to see you working jointly with UNITE. Congrats for that.

Anna Tatton
Unite member