Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Resign, resign..oh, you have. Well done.

Good decision by Alan Rusbridger to resign from the PCC Code Committee and he set out precisely why we've had so many concerns about the failings of the PCC in recent years.

"If you have a self-regulation system that's finding nothing out and has no teeth, and all the work is being done by external people, it's dangerous for self-regulation. If you have a regulator behaving this uselessly, I suspect MPs will start saying this is not regulation...I believe in self-regulation because I cannot imagine a country in which the government regulates the press, or there is statutory regulation. But the press is in a very weak position today because its own regulator, its self-regulation, has proved so weak."

Today we've also been reacting to the DCMS response to the consultation on the future of local news. There are good (no top-slicing at this stage) and bad points (still relying on that dodgy poll to say people support top-slicing) about it - but there are so many unanswered questions. And it's not as if some of them are new questions. I've personally asked Ofcom and the Secretary of State and the Special Advisers at DCMS and many others have too - what will happen to existing staff when you have pilots of the Independently Funded News Consortia, what happens if the pilots fail, what criteria are there for quality and so much else.

Now it's back to preparing for our National Executive tomorrow and writing speeches for our conference which starts on Thursday in Southport

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