Friday, February 19, 2010

Election threats

A few glimpses of what life might be like under a Tory government - changes to balloting legislation to make it harder for unions to take industrial action and far from stamping out the scourge of the exploitation of young workers through unpaid work experience it appears they are only too happy to auction off work experience placements. Work for free - but pay for the privilege of doing so. It's a pity Jeremy Hunt cancelled his meeting with the NUJ and Bectu this week, I'd have welcomed the chance to challenge him on this.

As the election campaign hots up we've launched a new website, Reporting the BNP, to help journalists with more resources and information about the far-right party's policies, leading lights and much more. Alongside the launch of Expose the BNP, a campaign of journalists, media workers and students, these are important steps in the unions' confronting the threat to freedom of expression posed by the BNP and their fellow travellers.

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