Monday, March 08, 2010

Victory to the PCS strikers

Thawing out after spending a couple of hours on PCS picket lines at the British Library and British Museum this morning. Low paid civil servants face losing out massively as a result of the scrapping of the Civil Service Compensation Scheme. Apparently we can't afford it any more - we can however afford to bail out the banks, spend billions on war and protect MPs pensions. Good luck to all PCS members!

A busy end to last week with our National Executive Council meeting on Friday and Saturday morning and then a conference of the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group on Saturday afternoon.
The NEC set out a campaign strategy to tackle the BBC cuts as well as lobbying priorities over the Digital Economy Bill as well as giving backing to a national ballot for industrial action at Johnston Press following an overwhelming vote for action in a consultative ballot.

The TUCG conference - bringing together delegates from 8 national unions - an opportunity to plan practical action inside and outside Parliament as workers - public and private sector - face an incxreasing attack on jobs and conditions. Greater co-ordination, practical solidarity and a fight for a more proactive, campaigning approach from the labour movement as a whole are essential if we are to be able to resist such attacks.

Later today I'm meeting the union's lawyers to discuss a number of current cases/issues, before chairing a meeting of the TUC's Trades Councils committee and then on to a couple of International Women's Day events at the Colombian Embassy and this evening at the TUC.

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