Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Be a BBC fraud buster...

Union members at the BBC could have a lot of fun with the current fraud-busting exercise on the BBC's intranet.

Senior management are launching a drive against fraud in the BBC. Apparently they've realised that there are people engaging in "behaviour resulting in personal enrichment through deception" or who are guilty of "abuse of position" or the "deliberate misuse or misappropriation of BBC resources or assets”.

There's a highly entertaining course on Gateway and if you are aware of anyone who has - oh I don't know - tried to defraud BBC pensioners or taken a jolly to see a football match on the other side of the planet - business class - and then charged that to the licence fee payer you're supposed to go to the Anti Fraud Framework and hit the red button marked Report Fraud Here.
Go on, you know it makes sense....it's a public service!

Kicking off today by making sure BBC ballot material gets out to reps in advance of mass leafleting and desk drops on Friday. It means there's lots of envelopes to stuff, stickers to distribute, posters to get up - as the battle against the BBC Pensions robbery hots up. The BBC keep saying they want to carry on talking - so do we but it's pointless them repeating the same mantra over and over again. What's needed is for them to guarantee the value of pensions already earned, take the 1% cap off the table and start serious negotiations about alternative means to tackle the deficit.

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