Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crunch time for BBC pensions dispute

I am heading over to BBC World Service later today to do the next of our BBC pensions dispute ballot update meetings - a chance to bring members up to date on negotiations, progress of the ballot and make sure we turn out the vote and keep recruiting.

Yesterday I did a similar meeting at TV Centre - and it is clear that a massive majority will vote yes in the ballot. We're talking North Korean election proportions here!

TV Centre is plastered in posters, stickers and leaflets. In the corridoor leading to the newsroom the photos of each of the BBC's high profile news presenters have had a BBC Pensions Robbery sticker added to the jacket lapels. Very tasteful.

The UK specialists team have gone a step further!

Since the ballot was announced we've had 3 sets of negotiations with BBC management -they've been constructive but nowhere near enough progress has been made and there's a lot of hard talking to be done still. That's why it's so important we keep up the campaign...and are ready to take action if the BBC do not agree to stop the pensions robbery.

Next talks take place tomorrow.

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