Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Giving up...

How is BBC Director General Mark Thompson going to survive on just £670,000 a year - that will be all he's entitled to once he gives up his pension bung and his temporary plan to forgo a month's pay.

Of course it's welcome that he is at last reacting to the public and staff outcry over management greed - but let's be clear this is being done in response to the unions' campaign against the pensions robbery going on and to the fact that the pension top up payments made to senior managers have hit the headlines.

And it is too little, too late. The BBC have had pensions holidays, underpaid over a number of years and put millions in to executive pensions - now they are asking staff to pay the price. The BBC must guarantee the value of staff pensions already earned or face the prospect of co-ordinated strike action.

It's no coincidence the BBC will put forward new proposals on 1 September - it's the day the unions' ballots close and a day before our reps meet to decide the next steps. Be warned - there is so much anger people cannot be easily bought off by tinkering with the current proposals. Take them off the table and sit down with the unions and negotiate. That way we can avoid the need for strike action and work towards a fair solution.

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