Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Red Ed?

Not content with calling the BBC workers threatened strike "irresponsible", Ed Milliband is now having a go at the firefighters threatened strike action on 5 November.

Instead of attacking the FBU maybe "Red Ed" should speak out more to denounce the threat of mass sackings of firefighters - how much more irresponsible can any employer be.

Away from disputes ( and we await the outcome of the consultative ballot of BBC members tomorrow) I've been to the TUC General Council, spoke at an excellent meeting of the London Photographers Branch last night, met with the union's legal firm, Thompsons and have been planning some of the activities to oppose the BBC cuts along with activists from the World Service Branch.

A welcome intervention from shadow culture secretary Ivan Lewis today who is calling for an investigation in to what he calls the "dodgy deal" that led to the licence fee settlement - and which now will inevitably lead to significant cuts in jobs and services.

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