Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bloody left wingers

Today's Daily Telegraph features a senior BBC insider accusing the NUJ of being a left wing protectionist union - that means we're prepared to stand up and fight for members' jobs, for their health and welfare and the quality of the programmes they produce. Oh how very left wing!

Mark Thompson says he expects a bloody battle over the cuts - having just heard the BBC Trust has approved his package we expect a fight too - one against compulsory redundancies, one against increases in staff workloads and one in defence of quality.

Today has been chaotic. Starting with an interview on the Today programme at 7.15am, I've now done interviews on BBC News 24, ITN, Channel 4, Five News, Five Live, Six O'Clock News, CNN, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Wales and with The Guardian, Times, the London Paper, Evening Standard, Press Gazette, Broadcast, Press Association and many more.

In between all that I found time to join the lobby of the BBC Trust meeting which was making a decision on the cuts - oh and attend the AGM of the NUJ's own staff pension fund.

Up again at 4.30am to head to TV Centre to start another round of interviews for all the regional news services.

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Anonymous said...

Micahael Lyons and the BBC keep saying he represents viewers and listeners. I don't remember voting for him. The writing was on the wall when he was apointed to the BBC Trust fresh from recommending cuts of 30,000-odd civil service jobs.