Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Once more unto the breach...

Six hours of negotiations with Guardian and Observer management today produced a lot of heat but who knows how much light? We'll find out in the coming days. There still remain some fundamental points of difference.

Spent the day nipping in and out of the talks to take calls on the BBC - planning the lobby tomorrow, answering press queries and arranging media interviews for Wednesday and Thursday. Have just done a pre-record for 5 Live's Wake Up to Money for the morning and am doing the Today programme on Radio 4 around 7am. gave a quick read to NUJ Active ad ok-ed that to go out

Today's media has continued the speculation about the cuts. Managers are conspicously silent in their denials. Could it really be as bad as we're hearing - if it is, the other rumours about spontaneous walkouts may well come true too.

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