Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More repeats as BBC set to announce cuts

It has been confirmed that the BBC will announce the latest round of cuts on 18 October. Union officials will meet with the Director General before he makes an announcement to all staff at 10am. We're busy preparing for a major campaign to defend jobs and protect quality in the face of the expected cuts.

Speculation is rife as to where the cuts will fall - none of the rumours have been confirmed yet but the BBC will have to answer the question as to how they hope to maintain quality and fair working conditions in light of yet more job and budget cuts.

BBC Chapels will be gearing up for the 5 November day of action by producing a special leaflet and campaign posters and badges.

In other parts of the union plans are also well advanced. The Paris Branch will join French journalists' unions in a demonstration outside the National Assembly, members in Coventry will highlight staffing shortages as part of their dispute and members in Belfast will lobby politicians at Stormont.

If you're at a loss what to do come and join us in Manchester for the lobby of the Society of Editors conference. Details here

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