Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Shut Up for Journalism

I tried to put a link here to the article on the epuk site urging photographers to burn an effigy of me on the 5 November day of action.

But the article seems to have disappeared. If you search for it it has vanished. If you put in the URL it comes up as a blank page. hmmm - those damn gremlins...

luckily i have a print out.


Nick McGowan-Lowe, EPUK Website Editor said...

There's a full explanation of the story behind this on my comment on your article here and also on the restored article which can be read at the original URL here.

To repeat what's said in both places: this article was originally posted on the website by an EPUK writer on August 18th, but was removed afterwards when the editor - myself - became aware that the first and last paragraphs were not consistent with the news ‘house style’. When it became clear you were referring to it in your Opinion piece for the EPUK website , it was put back on the site in its full original form (plus an editor's note) in the interests of transparency.

~ Nick McGowan-Lowe, EPUK Website Editor

Anonymous said...

Noe they've put it back