Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Guardian chapel seeks more time while McLaren's time must be up

A morning of catching up on staffing issues and correspondence followed by a Chapel meeting at The Guardian.

The 180-strong meeting heard almost two hours of passionate debate about the pros and cons of the draft new agreement covering 24/7 working. It is a complicated deal with lots of positives and some negatives and the mood of the meeting was clearly to delay taking a decision today and to consider the agreement over the next week and meet again in 7 days time to vote on the proposal.

It can seem frustrating after so many hours of negotiating the draft agreement but it is such a fundamental change in working practices that it is right people have a decent amount of time to consider all aspects of it before voting to accept or reject.

Back from the Chapel we had a Campaigns and Communications team meeting to talk about upcoming issues, discuss plans for the new website to go live and review the outcome of our day of action. Straight on from that to the final meeting of the Commission on Multimedia Working in a bid to finalise the report which will be published the first week of December.

Quick rush home to watch the second half of the football, England get dumped out of Euro 2008 and surely Steve McLaren lose his job. I hope he's got a good union to represent him!

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