Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nearly there?

Talked to a group of Pakistani journalists yesterday about the threat to their freedoms as a result of the state of emergency and the brutal assault on media freedoms.

Have also just come across footage from the picket of the High Commission we were involved in last week.

The last two days have again been taken up largely by Guardian and Observer talks. On Monday morning I was at ACAS with The Observer and then in the afternoon met union reps from both Chapels. Later in the day we had another round of negotiations with management - and made more progress.

After internal staff meetings this morning I met with BECTU to discuss joint working and then attended an ITV Unions meeting to talk about the joint unions' pay claim and the Save ITV News campaign.

This afternoon I met with The Guardian Chapel Committee which will tomorrow be recommending acceptance of the agreement which has resulted from our mammoth talks at ACAS. Tonight it's back to trying to catch up with other work.

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