Monday, November 19, 2007

This one's for Joe

Thursday night, Acton Town hall and a tribute to the late Clash front man Joe Strummer, commemorating his last gig - a benefit for the FBU. I had the honour of speaking at the event talking about how Joe had always stood out against the racists, for public services not private profit, for co-operation not competition. It was great to be part of an event raising that banner of solidarity again.
And things got even better when we got to be the mass chorus for Billy Bragg's encore - the Clash song Garageland as shown on dodgy footage here and here

There has also been more coverage of our protest at the Pakistan High Commission. Here's the Yorkshire Post's take on it.

Press Gazette have also published the My Week column I wrote last week covering the Stand Up for Journalism events and several ACAS trips.

Friday it was back to reality, back to ACAS and back to negotiations with The Guardian management. I was told they were only available till two. I didn't realise at that point it was going to be 2am! Yes, it was another long one pouring out of ACAS just as all the normal people poured out of clubs. We've now notched up over 70 hours of ACAS talks. We'll know later this week what the Chapel make of the progress we've made.

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