Monday, November 19, 2007

Scandal set to rock the media?

This week's dodgy phone-in photo competition: Can you spot a journalist from a news desk near you?

Standards watchdogs were demanding answers after journalists and media execs were pitched in to the heart of a "jobs for goals" footballing scandal this weekend.

Suspicions were raised after several overweight, 40-something hacks secured an emphatic 8-2 victory against students from Cardiff University's School of Journalism. The students denied they had "thrown" the game amid fears their journalistic careers may be over before they even began. But when Steve "the gaffer" Busfield scored his first goal in almost five years the evidence appeared overwhelming.

This weekend was the 20th anniversary tour for those of us who graced Cardiff's School of Journalism football team all those years ago. We still play each season and to mark the occasion we organised games against the lecturers (who beat us 1-0 and awarded themselves a nice shiny cup) and the students (who we thrashed and got nothing but some pride restored). Still bitter after all these years? You bet!

That's enough fun for one week - now it's back to ACAS....


Anonymous said...

I love that your manager is smoking a cigarette!

Busfield said...

What are you saying? It was a beautifully taken goal - the defence completely wrong-footed by my first touch and the keeper unable to reach it as I placed the ball in the far corner.

As I said many times this weekend, comrade: It has been a pleasure and a privilege to play alongside you in the Cardiff City defence for two decades. Here's to the next two.

Al said...

The ref seemed to support the 'jobs for goals' theory. When one student verbally and physically abused an older member of the CCJFC team, the ref was heard to advise him: "Let it go please, you may be applying to one of these guys for a job soon..."
A top weekend indeed!

Anonymous said...

Sadly that's not our manager smoking - that's our goalkeeper!