Monday, May 26, 2008

Go Fozzy...

Spent Saturday in the sunshine on the York picket line - the sun always shines on the righteous (or so I'm told!). There's a fantastic spirit about the strike and a determination to win a fair pay deal. I was happy to be able to deliver a show of support for the strikers and importantly pledge cash to them from the union's fighting fund.

The picket line rocked to the strike song with Fozzy and the Fozettes in fine voice. Next we hit the town centre to leaflet and get signatures for the petition.

Find out more about the strike and how you can help here.

At the end of last week I joined BBC World Service staff for a branch meeting to discuss further campaign plans in our battle against the offshoring plans they are facing before heading down to the front of the building to add new flowers to the gates outside Bush House, a symbol of our fear that the plans will spell the death of the World Service as we know it.

I also met with Carl Roper from the TUC Organising Academy, Suzanne Ashley from Skillset to discuss the union's participation in the new Publishing Sector Skills Group, Mike Holderness to consider future campaigning around copyright issues before rushing to the TUC for a special General Council meeting to consider the proposed deal with the Government and CBI over agency workers.

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