Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lots of secrets

I'm in Dublin taking part in the interviews for the new Irish Organiser - but I can't tell you who were appointing yet.

I'm also taking the opportunity to meet with reps from RTE where the unions are fighting a major battle over the future of the staff pension scheme. The NUJ have already scored a huge yes vote in a ballot for industrial action and yesterday Irish Secretary Seamus Dooley was at the Labour Court with union reps helping to make our case. We await the result.

On the way over I judged the entries to the National Union of Students student journalist of the year award. It was a tough choice given the standard of entries - certainly beats the cut and paste fanzines we did when I was a student - but i can't tell you who won yet.

So in summary - lots of things i've done but i can't tell you about. Really useful this blog isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jeremy,

While we wait for these important results what might be very useful is to mention the NUJ's statement against the US Orphan Works proposals. Please could this be put on the NUJ's website and your blog.


Simon Chapman