Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hello Jeremy, I'm Jeremy...

I'm sat in Parliament having just had an interesting meeting on the future of local media with the Conservatives' Culture, Media and Sport spokesperson Jeremy Hunt. We covered issues about the licence fee, the future of local and regional news on ITV and how to fund and support new local media initiatives. We also gave him a copy of the union's economic stimulus plan for the media which we launched earlier today.

This morning I met with freelance journalist Stephen Grey to talk about a new initiave he's working on to support investigative journalism - it sounds really exciting and I'm keen the NUJ gets involved in the project. More on this in the coming weeks I'm sure.

This afternoon I'm meeting Mark Donne to talk about yet another new initiave - Real Fits - an online project supporting original journalism. In particular they have an exciting new project called Breaking News 2020.

It's good to see so many people looking for creative solutions to sustain quality journalism in the midst of the crisis brought about by the corporate greed of too many media owners.

Yesterday was taken up with internal meetings - first up I presented the draft budget to the union's national officers before a lengthy management meeting to discuss the relocation of offices inside Headland House in preparation for our new tenants - the GFTU - moving in and to monitor progress on implementing our savings plans.

Tomorrow I'm off early to Brussels for an IFJ round table on the future of journalism.

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