Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Victory for quality journalism

Congratulations to Alice O'Keeffe and the rest of the New Statesman team for their victory at the Amnesty International Media Awards last night. It was a pleasure to hand the award over to Alice and the team who produced No Place for Children - and great to hear her remind everyone that human rights abuses do not just happen in far away lands. The way we treat asylum seekers in the UK and in particular their children brings nothing but shame on us as a society.

Congratulations too to Dan McDougall and Robin Hammond for their excellent Observer magazine piece on the persecution of Roma in Italy which picked up the other periodicals award.

A full list of winners is available here - well done to them all, they are proving journalism really does matter.

Before heading off to the awards I was at the rather less glamorous Civil Service Club speaking to members of Westminster Trades Council - and setting out the case for a People's Charter which the NUJ has now signed up to.

Evening meetings followed a day of negotiations with staff unions and putting the finishing touches to the draft 2009/10 budget which will be presented to our National Officers on Monday, to our Finance Committee later this month and then to our National Executive for endorsement in July.

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Adam said...

peoples charter link is broken, can we assume this is not deliberate

I believe this is the link, but I may be thinking about another peoples charter?