Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hostile Reconnaissance

With the general election now called, it's time to put civil liberties centre stage in the election debates. There's a chance to begin to do just that next week. Come along and hear the arguments and get involved at the Hostile Reconnaissance rally next week.

For too long, too many in the trade union movement have sat back and believed that infringements of civil liberties do not affect law-abiding workers. Wrong. Our right to protest, our right to dissent and even our right to work are increasingly under threat. Leading civil liberties campaigners will set out a clear case for union action to defend our rights.

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Shipley said...

Well done, Jeremy - I agree with everything you say here.

The election must also be an opportunity to raise our concerns about the replacement of Trident nuclear weapons, which will cost £97 billion at a time when public sector jobs are facing deep cuts whoever wins the election.

This is another issue where trades unions have kept quiet for far too long.