Thursday, September 16, 2010

Manchester (United)!

Back from the TUC Conference in Manchester tired but inspired - and it's not often you can say that. The inspired by TUC Conference bit, not the tired bit.

With the shackles of the "we can't do anything in case it damages the New Labour government" shackles thrown off a real fighting spirit emerged. Co-ordinated industrial action against cuts is firmly on the agenda. Major demonstrations and lobbies are planned. The defence of pensions is at the heart of the agenda. There is an alternative!

Of course at this stage it's words - and we need to turn it in to action but there felt a sense of purpose and determination across the unions on a whole range of issues.

The NUJ delegation did an excellent job. The TUC backed our condemnation of Johnston Press and their use of the anti-union laws, supported our photographer members facing the misuse of s44 stop and search powers, applauded our stand against the BBC's pensions robbery and welcomed the work we were doing with journalists unions in countries like Zimbabwe.

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