Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More massive votes against BBC pension proposals

Done three BBC pensions meetings with members at Television Centre and Millbank in the past three days - and there is a continuing overwhelming rejection of the BBC's pensions latest proposals. Not a single person has spoken up for accepting what is on the table. Back in to negotiations tomorrow with a clear set of demands from the meetings of members. There have also been unanimous or overwhelming votes for strike action at big meetings at White City, Monitoring and Bristol.

Busy preparing the strike materials - posters being printed, leaflets drafted and stickers on order.

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George said...

Yawn, yawn, take your seat behind Bob Crowe and all the other militant vomit that has suddenly re-emerged from the 1970's.
Scum does not even begin to describe you and your warped mindset. Your public support for strike action is less than zero, even amongst the journalists you say you represent!
Get a life, grow up, accept the reality - we're all in this mess because of "socilaism"; because of Gordon Brown and because of thick idiots like you. Now, fuck off and smell the coffee.
Tony Marshall